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Mindaugas Kvietkauskas Full Text Available This article deals with the problem of representation of the Lithuanian national identity in skb btc miesto parkas novel Pragiedruliai Bright Spaces by Juozas Tumas-Vaižgantas — The classical novel, which was planned to become an epos of the Lithuanian national revival, was published in three parts during — in Vilnius, at the height of political and military conflict between Lithuania and Poland over the possession of this multinational city.

The author himself was one of the main Lithuanian combatants in the field of nationalist ideology and press as jk bitcoin platforma edited the main Lithuanian dailies Lietuvos Aidas, Nepriklausomoji Lietuva in Vilnius in that period.

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In his numerous press articles, Vaižgantas discussed Lithuanian identity as a phenomenon born from the local spirit of nature, formed by the primeval forces of biosphere, and organically evolving into the modern state of national consciousness. While trying to elaborate the symbolic literary narrative of this identity transformation, Vaižgantas included intertextual skb btc miesto parkas to Pan Tadeusz, a 19th century Polish epos about the Lithuanian Grand Duchy noblemen by Adam Mickiewicz, as well as symbols indicating the intricate link between the Lithuanian identity and the cultural history of the Grand Duchy.

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District heating of Naujoji Vilnia based on heat-only production. Local boilers using natural gas or heavy fuel oil.

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Stoves using kerosene, coke or wood. Electricity panel might be included, but this has not been the case in the actual analyses.

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The calculations of the energy model results in estimation of: Annual heat production, especially simulation of the plant production for district heating system with the possibility of integrated pooled operation by giving an order of priority to each plant based on the efficiency of the plant.

Annual fuel consumption and the fuel costs for the society. Annual electricity production and its value to the society. Annual operation and maintenance costs including costs connected with consumption of electricity for district heating purposes.

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The total annual investments due to the set of options applied in the scenario in question. Savings in plant investments if less production capacity is necessary in scenarios where the heat demand is decreasing. These emissions are not reduced by the possible savings of electricity production of a reference power-only plant outside Vilnius.

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