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Reuters reported.

Bitcoin prekybininko apžvalga, bitcoin savybės Ar tikrai galite uždirbti pinigų su bitcoin. Šifravimo prekybos signalai.

Cryptocurrency has been around for a little over a decade, but bitcoin jae exchange only started to rise among major institutional investors last bitcoin jae exchange. Bulls said encryption This bitcoin is seen as a hedge against inflation, similar to gold.

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Street signs Asia. Analysts said their endorsement gave confidence to skeptical ordinary investors. Investors like Paul Tudor Jones And the Stanley Brentmiller Both put the money in bitcoin and indicated its potential as a hedge against inflation.

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Arslanian said he expects this trend to continue over the coming months, noting that there are many tools now that allow institutional players to take exposure to Bitcoin. READ Lietuva nutraukia energijos prekybą Baltijos šalyse su Baltarusija ir Rusija dėl atominės elektrinės The second development driving the current rally in bitcoins is retail investors and their fear of being lost, according to Arslanian.

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He said that more people today have more accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges than before because buying cryptocurrencies is easier now than before. Eliminate billions of dollars from the market value of major cryptocurrencies.

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But cryptocurrency fans say the current rally is different because it is driven by institutional buying rather than retail speculation. Arslanian said one of the big differences between this rally and the one we saw in is the clarity in the regulations, which were scarce at the time. He said that most regulators around the world today have people working on coding internally.

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