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How does Belgium tax bitcoins? The surge of the price of the bitcoin has attracted many to invest in this crypto-currency. Will they have to pay tax?

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Not surprisingly, that is a question bitcoin co keeps many investors all over the world awake. In the Bitcoin co and Canadathe tax authorities have made their position clear gains are taxable capital gains and they have thought about how they could catch out tax dodgers.

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Australia followed suit. France bitcoin co occasional gains from habitual gains, but they are all taxed as income. Many observers note that the issue remains a grey area or that there are loopholes the UK does not tax gambling or betting.

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What about Belgium? Mining bitcoins is solving complex and that takes a lot of energy. But labai lengvi pinigai about capital gains?

Versti aprašą atgal į anglų Jungtinės Valstijos.

As a matter of principle, Belgium does not tax capital gains on personal property. Capital gains on personal capital assets and investments that are not used for a business are tax exempt if they are realised within ''normal management of a private estate consisting bitcoin co securities, tangible assets or real property.

The question is then what is normal management and what is it not. The courts have described ''normal management'' as a conservative, risk-averse, and unsophisticated management of one's private estate.

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Generally speaking, one concluded that capital gains on private assets were taxable only if bitcoin co were of a speculative nature. And speculation was buying and selling quickly and repeatedly, borrowing to buy to have leverage, investing large sums for one's wealth and using pseudo-professional means.

Of course, if one invests cash from one's business, or if one makes profits from day trading, that is not bitcoin co capital gain anymore, but income from a business and fully taxed at the standard income tax rates. The Ruling Committee recently had bitcoin co decide on the case of an IT student who had developed an app to buy and sell bitcoins automatically.

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The app bitcoin co a project for school, and therefore, the Ruling Committee decided that the development of his app was a hobby rather than a business.

His trade in bitcoins was not a business and the income bitcoin co made was not business income.

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Prekybos poros However, the Ruling Committee could not decide that the gains were exempt, it decided that the trade was speculative and the gains were speculative capital gains in bitcoin co sense of article 90, 1° ITC Bitcoin co That is a remarkable statement; the student's only speculative intention was to build the app bitcoin co allowed him to buy and sell automatically.

And that is not given to anyone. It is not certain that the decision would be the same for bitcoin co who buys and sells bitcoins, even with an app on a mobile phone.

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Or for someone who bitcoin co bought some bitcoins years ago and decides to sell them. Šifravimo prekybos bot bitkointalkas. Kiek pinigų investavo į cryptocurrency, neuro prekybos programinė įranga.

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Ateities dienos prekybos sistema apps, norinčios greitai uždirbti pinigus lietuva, Arbitraging. It is unlikely that this would qualify as speculation.


One issue that the bitcoin co authorities in other countries have addressed is how bitcoin miners. Bitcoin mining is solving complex cryptographic algorithms to add a new block to the 'block-chain' that records all bitcoin transactions. Ieško darbo brokerio kijevo.

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